Segovia is a picturesque (sorry I hate that word) town in the NWestern part of Spain, aka it’s about 20 degrees colder than where I live. Besides the fact that is was cold as shit (maybe 50’s so not even really that bad) it was beautiful. It was a roman (I think) town so picture cobblestone streets, yellowish brick and lots of monuments. It takes about a day or two to see everything so no need to spend too much time here you can walk the entire town in about a day. Also if you go you have to try cochinillo or as my host family explained to me – a baby pig who has not yet left it’s mothers teta…pleasant. I know.

Here, is Segovia




Aqueduct! It’s seriously so large



A really creepy pig-wolf statue with babies



Snow White’s Castle

Castle from all angles. It’s really impressive







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