Quarantine show round up – Sailor Moon

“Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon”

If you don’t like anime and aren’t in touch with your inner child then you can stop reading right now because this post is all about the the award winning (I don’t think it’s won any awards) children’s (its not just for kids) anime show Sailor Moon. Based off a wildly popular and successful manga Sailor Moon is about Usagi – a 16 year old teenage girl who is essentially a mess. She’s always eating, always sleeping and constantly doing bad/or late for school.. sounds like me now if school was work.

I am getting excited and I’ve barely even written anything so I’ll try and keep this short. The Sailor Scouts led by Sailor Moon are essentially guardians of the universe, each planet has it representation with Sailor Moon being the leader. They each have a different power based more or less on what you would think of the plants, so Sailor Mars is fire, Jupiter is lighting, Mercury is bubbles, Venus is some “Venus Blast” (whatever that is) and later on Uranus and Saturn come in. Queen Serenity is Sailor Moons mother and they all used to live on the moon kingdom together until some evil force destroyed them. Luna and Artemis are the two talking cat guardians of the Sailor Scouts and live on Earth with them.


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Anyways, each season there’s a new challenge of monsters that they have to defeat, usually each season culminates with a movie (yes I have them on VHS). I also own Sailor moon socks, a keychain and have dressed up an undisclosed amount of times as Sailor Moon. At risk of going on and sounding like a total freak just watch it. Start with season 1, it’s on Hulu and you’re welcome for the joy that’s this will bring you.

VIZ | The Official Website for Sailor Moon

Quarantine show round up – Married at First Sight

So if you’re unaware what this show is about, try reading and re-reading the title of this post again. Lifetime has really made the jump from overly dramatic movies with titles such as “Death of a Cheerleader, “Escaping my stalker” and “Burning Bed” (a classic) to dramatic TV Shows. The basic premise of the show is that a team of ‘experts’ – not sure why I put that in quotes because they really are professionals go through a pool of men and women and put together 4 to 5 couples. The only thing they know about their spouse is their ring size and the first time they actually lay eyes on them is when they are walking down the aisle.

After they get married they have like one or two days, then they go on their honeymoon (usually in Mexico), the other couples are also there and they sometimes get together for little activities and whatnot. When they come home they immediately move into a neutral space (this is a newt thing, they used to decide who’s house they wanted to move into OR got the decision to move into a neutral space). The experts will sprinkle in little challenges throughout their time together ie. host a dinner with friends and family, a love or sex game, go to the other person house and go through their stuff, etc. Its cure and very curated to foster love ❤

Yes this sounds crazy and personally I would not do this HOWEVER, it makes for fucking great TV. A good amount of the couples are veeerrrryyyy well matched. For example (I don’t know the season numbers) but there was a couple in Washington, DC who was super awkward and weird and they were perfect for each other, there was one in Charlotte that was amazing Deonna and Greg I think their names were? they’re having a child now. I’m currently watching New Orleans and although I’m only a few episodes there’s two couples who I think are very solid. Bennet and Olivia and Woody and his wife (I truly can’t remember her name)**. I LOVE the diversity they have on the show and by diversity I mean a good mix of black and white couples, I’d still like to see some other ethnicities represented but they have at least come this far. I got my parents into the Washington, DC season while I was home and let me just say my mom and I would get chastised for for watching without him.

The experts, pictured below, are the ones that match up the couples, and help council them throughout the process.

Married at First Sight' replaces Jessica Griffin for new season

Dr. Pepper is the little one, Pastor Cal who is my fucking favorite (also a fan and show favorite, legit the couples get so excited to see him) and I think the brunette one is Jessica*** but I also can’t remember.

Anyways I give this show a 10/10, I’m actually watching right now, it’s an awesome way to unwind and I’ve turned on many a friend to this vibe. Plus each season has like a million episodes so you’ll be occupied throughout the rest of quarantine.

** It’s Amani I just looked it up

***Dr. Viviane Cortes it just flashed on the screen