The 7 things I hate about you aka things I’ve learned since moving to New York

1) The city is expensive: Whenever people ask me I always say “I just moved back to the city two weeks ago” as if I was here already. Let’s be clear I lived in the Bronx, not Manhattan. The difference is about $2-$5 which might not seem like a lot, but let me break this down.

  • Pasta in the Bronx- 29 cents
  • Manhattan- $3.99
  • Ramen in the Bronx- 99 cents
  • Manhattan- $2.39
  • Cheese in the Bronx- $1.99
  • Manhattan- $5.00

So on and so forth. Now I remember why I used to never go to the city in the first place. I could go literally weeks in the Bronx living off of $15. Screw Manhattan and their $11 drinks, I miss the Bronx.

2) There are some real weirdos here: Everyone always says that New York is an eclectic city, people come here to make their dreams come true, it’s a mixing bowl, and that it is. The pickup lines I heard in the Bronx were ridiculous but the ones here are truly absurd, they take it to a new level. Not just that but the things I’ve seen people wear? Like who told you a suit and hiking boots match? Please if you know you’re going to be on the subway during peak hours take a shower and for everyone’s sake paint your toenails before you throw on a pair of flip-flops.

3) Tourists are annoying: I’m from D.C. so I’m used to tourists but these people are just fucking annoying.

4) Food is everywhere:  Within 5 minutes of my apartment there is a Cucina Liberta, Subway, PJ Clarkes, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar, Uno’s, Rise, several liquor stores, a Domino’s, grills and various deli’s and yes all of them deliver. Good thing too because I am literally always hungry. You never realize how much walking you do in this city and just how much energy it takes just to pick up a simple roll of toilet paper. Also I literally can’t walk 3 feet without being engulfed by the smell of roasted nuts- nuts 4 nuts…I hate you.

5) I miss my car: Yes I hate driving, I hate traffic but I miss my car. I couldn’t move my first 4 days here because I was so sore. All this walking is not for me. My back hurt, the legs hurt, my butt hurt, my eyes hurt (the air is not the cleanest), I was a mess. At this rate I’ll be purchasing a new pair of shoes every 5 months.I don’t hate it.


Yes this is only 5 things but I can’t think of anymore. I’m happy to be living here but in all seriousness I do need a job.




I was told today that my nail polish was too bright to work in finance.

I’m flattered.

what i never 
from my mother
was that
just because someone desires you.
not mean they value you.
desire is the kind of thing that
eats you
leaves you starving.

       – the color of low self esteem, nayyirah waheed

Review: Packing

I’ve been a little mia lately.

Why you ask? I’ve been packing.

Packing in one sentence it the worst of times and the best of times.

I’m packing to move! Yay! This means I have to put my life in suitcases, boxes, bags etc. I have to choose what stuff to bring and leave behind? Boo. My mom won’t help me, my dad won’t help me, my dog won’t even keep me company. What’s worse? our ac decides to break 3 days before I leave. Who can pack in temperatures above 85 degrees? not I!!! Remember I’m packing to move, not working in a sweatshop.