A bit of Barca. 

Honestly when I was trying to come back to Spain I focused all my attention on Barcelona. It is my favorite city in Spain and I wanted to live here so badly. Madrid is a little too city and touristy for me and although Zaragoza will always have my heart I needed a change of pace. Unfortunately finding a program to teach English in Barcelona was harder than I thought, despite almost every spanaird here being able to speak English. Most people here learn Catalan/Spanish then English. The city is pretty spread out but it’s not as overwhelming or expensive as London. Honestly I’m into all aspects of it and would love to come back again (for the 10th time). I love that the people speak Catalan, I love the variety of food and restaurants and I love that it’s so easy to get a cab. 

I love you barca. 


By far my favorite city I’ve visited this far. Keep in mind I’ve only been in Spain for about one month and only visited 3 or 4 places but once my program ends I for sure want to come back and spend some more time in Ireland. Despite the shit weather the sun was (normally) always shining, the fish and chips were banging and let me just say I feel in love with a bartender who had the greenest eyes I’ve ever seen. 

Dear Ireland,

I love you.