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Before this semi became a travel blog it was a hodge podge of other photos quotes and everything in between. So now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.  

Keukenhof Gardens

Last week (I think, I’m not even sure what today is tbh) I went to The Netherlands. I say the Netherlands because in reality I went to Amsterdam but I don’t want to make it seem like all I did was do drugs (I did) and drink (I did). I also did some cultural stuff too!

Things I’ve learned from this trip

  • It’s pretty far north, which means that even in April it’s cold
  • Everyone speaks english – I saw that about Madrid and Barcelona but it’s not true. I did not encounter one single person who did not speak english. It was super impressive
  • The food is amazing, like really fucking good
  • It will rain almost every day, they go through 4 season days just like Ireland
  • and finally out of all the places I’ve visited this reminds me most of America — haven’t decided yet it that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Either way, I’d definitely like to come back at some point, maybe at the height of summer, because honestly, I cannot be cold anymore. I left my camera in Spain for this trip which was completely by accident esepcailly because I knew I wanted to go to the Keukenhof Gardens which are these tulip fields about 40 minutes outside of the city. Really upset about that but luckily the iphone 7 (I think that’s what I have) has a pretty decent camera.

This is¬†Keukenhof…









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In Morocco. 

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Mish-Mash p4

More Mish Mash!!

I realized I left my camera in Spain when I left ūüė¶ so I have nothing new to add so for now some more mish-mash.


This first one is pretty typical in London, its the red double decker bus. Which I thought was honestly only a myth or a legend¬†but no it’s for real. All the buses are actually like this and it’s so cool and so British¬†and super posh. The point of this photo is, I thought it was super cool and wanted to remember. Plus the timing was perfect because there were no cars and/or people obstructing the shot, which seems to be almost impossible to do.


This is Malaga, Spain. I came here after my program ended for a little decompression time after a stressful¬†trying 3 months of teaching. (I say that with the most sarcasm I can possibly muster) Anyways, there’s nothing particular special about this photo, it’s just like any other beach photo but a¬†Spanish beach therefore,¬†automatically making it 490903 cooler than any old normal beach photo. (also said with lots of sarcasm)


Isn’t this kind of creepy?

So this photo was taken in the Canary Islands, this little chain of about 7 islands off of the coast of Africa that are owned by Spain. I love this photo because the forest looks sooooo creepy. Like not something you would expect to see on a tropical Spanish Island, but rather in a forest in Oregon or somewhere else. We were driving up Mount Teide which is also a huge volcano and were stopped by some police since it was raining the mountain was closed for 10 minutes while they cleared the rubble. It was super eerie to be up so high, with fog and a light rain and look out the window and see these creepy ass trees with eerie fog so I snapped a photo so I could be haunted reminded of the beautiful site forever.

Mish-Mash p3


This week is Mish-Mash p3 aka the food edition I want to present to you some outtakes I have from Cordoba, Madrid and Portugal. This first photo is from a little patio in Cordoba that actually served decent Mexican food. One this I will say about Cordoba is that they have some bomb ass food. I went here with my friend after we had a pretty wild night out. We went for breakfast then (because everyone hates a comedown) came here for some after breakfast drinks. The weather was beautiful and Cordoba is known for their patios (aka random outdoor areas in the middle of their restaurants) I usually HATE food pictures, but I’m really hungry so whatever.


This next photo was taken in Madrid about a week after we arrived in Spain. Once again I hate photos of food but as I said, I was thirsting for American food – I forget how bad the sugar and fat withdrawals can be for us Americans when traveling to a country that actual cooks their food in FDA approved substances.

DSC00193 2.JPG

Look at that blur on those fries, super proud of my camera for this one

This was in Portugal, Lisbon to be exact. In front of a huge monument with all the faces and bodies of the Portuguese conquistadors. ¬†Kind of creepy if I’m being honest but whatever. Even though it’s huge and very impressive, I think I spent more time look at this super awesome conquistador graffiti than the actual monument itself.


Segovia, Spain

Segovia is a picturesque (sorry I hate that word) town in the NWestern part of Spain, aka it’s about 20 degrees colder than where I live. Besides the fact that is was cold as shit (maybe 50’s so not even really that bad) it was beautiful. It was a roman (I think) town so picture cobblestone streets, yellowish brick and lots of monuments. It takes about a day or two to see everything so no need to spend too much time here you can walk the entire town in about a day. Also if you go you have to try¬†cochinillo or as my host family explained to me – a baby pig who has not yet left it’s mothers teta…pleasant. I know.

Here, is Segovia




Aqueduct! It’s seriously so large



A really creepy pig-wolf statue with babies



Snow White’s Castle

Castle from all angles. It’s really impressive