90 Day Fiancé

Do I have any 90 day fiancé fans out there?

I just got hooked a few months ago and I’ve literally whizzed through 3 seasons since then. Gotten both my roommate and my mom hooked. Other TLC shows on my list include: Married at First Sight, 90 days the other way, before the 90 days and (I know this one is causing a fuss) but Hot & Heavy.

Any other shows to watch while I’m home for the Holidays and avoiding my family please slide into the comments. 💜

The Bachelor p1 

Watching the Bachelor right now. Shout out to my friend Lucy for turning me into this shit. Like I really needed more things to waste my time on. I will be blogging throughout this time. ESPECIALLY if New York is supposed to be covered in as much snow as people are expecting. 

I will say this – Ben can get it.