Reveiw creative people or the word artist

An artist is a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art practicing the arts and/or demonstrating an art.

I was watching a Noisey documentary the other day about A$AP Rocky and he kept referring to himself as an artist and I thought to myself, yes. This is someone who is an artist. Not only is he a rapper, but makes his own beats and is basically a walking work of art (have you seen him ever not dressed head to toe? also his instagram) That is an artist, everything about you is expressive, everything you put out is thought out, meaningful and original.

I feel the same way about Rihanna, I think she is literally a walking masterpiece and although you may not agree with everything she wears, does or says I think her life is art.

I feel like a lot of creative people are like this, maybe you’re an actor, but you also  love architecture and could get lost in a clothing store putting together the perfect outfit. Not because you’re vain (ok maybe a little) but because you want to make sure your clothing really, truly expresses you, your attitude, your thoughts, your dreams and aspirations and especially your mood. That’s why I always find it so difficult when people ask me about my style, its always changing.

One day I might feel like a high schooler on the beaches of Florida and wear the smallest article of clothing I can find, sometimes I’ve feeling regal and want to bury myself in a turtle neck and sensible boots, and other days I feel like a college girl whose had too many shots and we know where that leads. The point is creative people create many things and appreciate art and beauty whether it be in a painting, a blog, a nail polish color, even a beautiful plate of food.

Me at work everyday


Why oh why is it so cold in my office. All I wanna do is be cute and give people a little something to look at. Let them know what they’re missing, but no. I end up looking like I’m ready for a dog sled race instead.

Beuaty Goals


Now I know I just put the title as beauty goals but realistically I almost NEVER wear makeup. I don’t know why? Every once in awhile I’ll watch a YouTube tutorial and literally paint my face within an inch of my life but that is RARE. I think I’m just lazy. On a daily basis I wear my glasses so the most I’ll put on my face is lipstick and sunscreen on my face. On an ambitious day I’ll wear eyeliner, draw in my eyebrows and so much mascara that I see black all day, and if I’m dealing with a Mount Rushmore pimple I’ll pull out the tinted moisturizer and call it a day.

I guess what I’m trying to say is maybe I should try and wear more makeup? Maybe not. Either way I like the way it looks, its fun to play with different things. Bottom line is I shouldn’t be so lazy.

Also my shirt was see through yesterday.

Review: Jobs

So you’ve put out 20 or 85 resumes and you’ve finally heard back from someone! yay! It’s probably been so long that you’ve forgotten what companies you’ve applied to. You’re excited! Gone are the days of lounging around the house all day, watching all your favorite TV shows, eating endless amounts of Frosted Cheerios at 2:30 pm, and having casual lunches with friends at 4. Finally you’ve entered the real world, you have a bedtime, you have a desk, a computer, a phone, and if you’re lucky a time sheet. Then, after a week, you realize it sucks.
Working is terrible.
I hate waking up early, I hate answering the phone, I hate driving to work, I hate punching in on a time card, I hate having to smile at co-workers at 8:30 in the morning and I especially hate having to put on pants,
You think work life is filled with happy hours, flirting with co-workers, and cute work clothes. You’ll finally be able to save up enough money to buy that fabulous blazer from Zara or those casual nude pumps from Steve Madden, until you see your paycheck and realize that $10 an hour is actually $7 an hour….thank you, taxes.