Why do normal people make their twitter or instagram names real so and so. Like realceline or realbritney. Who are you? we all know your not Britney Spears and Celine Dion so why bother?

One night I went out with my friend and she met this cute guy. He hailed a cab for us to go home.. Until I realized they weren’t in the cab. I was literally paid to go away so he could hook up with her

Review: Watching TV

So I’ll be moving in a few weeks and I’m trying to explain to my parents the importance of having a TV in my room.

Watching TV for me is like therapy. For two hours a day, six when I was unemployed, I was transported to another land. A land of Kardashians, Mob Wives and Duck Dynasty. I forgot my troubles of being a 22 year old unemployed college graduate who was in $30,000 worth of debt and no way to pay it back (thanks so mom and dad it’s now down to $27,000, yay!). When you’re watching TV time stands still and it moves forward, your mind is still but it’s also running at 1,000 miles an hour. There’s nothing like snuggling up in bed, fixing yourself a delicious snack, settling into a neck pillow and having a four hour Law and Order: SVU marathon for an entire afternoon.

Review: Vacation

There is nothing better than taking a vacation with friends. It is a feat that must be taken advantage of by all you young people out there.  For 3-7 days you can do what you want, wear want you want, do what you want, drink as much as you want and you will always have something to wear. On the other hand vacationing with your family can either be a blast or the worst decision you’ve ever made.
Firstly your dealing with (in my case) 4 people with different ages and different preferences and no one wants to do the same thing. You would think at this point parents would step in and resolve these issues. Think again, no ones parents, especially mine want to take sides. The hotels we stay in are always family friendly aka no young people. Activities are planned, bedtime and wake up times are set and worst of all there’s a 2 drink limit at dinner.