Dear White People

Dear White People;

When you wear baggy jeans, sneakers and oversized jackets remember where that came from.

When you wear chains, large jewelry and sag your pants, remember where that came from.

When you have long nails,ย  nail art and hoop earrings and remember where that came from.

When you look at fashion and style today, just please remember where it came from and remember how you used to (and continue to) treat us and fucking remember where all your cool shit came from.

Meme Nation

When someone hits you with the “I know you so well and I like what I see” and you’ve only talked to them like 3 times:





When the doctor asks about your drug and drinking use and you gotta answer honestly because you don’t want to die later on down the road:




When you’re walking past someone at 9am and they blow cigarette smoke in your face:



When your gyno asks you ‘Have you had rough sex recently’ and you’re just like:



When you wake up after a long night of drinking and go to use the bathroom but your roommate is in there for 26 minutes: