The secret to life

Everything you’ve been told is a lie.

Let me explain.

I am *tear* 24 years old, finally moved out on my own and working *another tear* a real persons job. Not one day goes by when I think about my SAT scores, GPA, extracurricular activities or AP classes (I took 2). Not another day goes by where my employers have ever asked or cared about my GPA, extracurricular activities or AP classes. Do you want to know why? because it doesn’t matter. That C+ I got in Math my freshman year? whatever. That one time I cheated on my psychology exam?  unnecessary because in retrospect that class didn’t matter. The time I looked at my yellow crayon in 2nd grade because I couldn’t remember how to spell yellow! (I’m a bad speller) it was not important and  it didn’t matter

None of it did. What matters was the nights I spent not studying and hanging out with my friends, the one time we snuck out on our roof and drank all night, or the time we stayed out till the sun rose dancing at a bar, the times I would spend my last quarters buying a chicken roll because I just couldn’t live without (see I still remember?) These are the things that are important, these are the things you remember long after graduation, these are the stories you tell your co-workers when you’re eating lunch, and these are the types of experiences that make you a functional and whole human being, the things that your employers can see and let them know you’ll be a good fit in their company.

This is the secret to life…part 1.