Please stop making comments about my hair

Stop asking me to wear my hair in an afro. One does not simply “wear their hair in an Afro.” It takes time, effort, and for me to not have a perm.

Stop trying to compare hair types; just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean we’re the same.

I know that when you brush out your hair it gets big and that makes you think we’re the same, and I know you think it’s cool that you use ‘black girl shampoo.’

But guess what?  It’s not. Do you have any idea how excited I was when that little section came to CVS? Too excited. Imagine my disappointment when I saw that the products they had only took up two shelves and cost approximately $30 for two tablespoons. If people had any idea how much time and money I spend on my hair they would be appalled.

I digress.

Anyways, these products are expensive and hard to come by, so stop pretending we have the same type of hair, because we don’t.  There are a limited number of products on that CVS shelf that I ACTUALLY need….so hands off.

I know you think it’s cool that my hair grows out rather than down, but I don’t. I actually pay money (and lots of it) so it doesn’t grow out. Now let’s not get it twisted; this is not because I’m denying my African roots or that I don’t think afros are beautiful – because I do, I think they’re gorgeous. However, I am not one to wear one. I’m lazy, I’m impatient and I barely have the energy to brush my hair before I go out Saturday night so no, I will not be spending hours tending to my fro, and stop asking me about it.

Oh and now that were on the subject….


Don’t touch my hair.