Review: Cuba

Before we get into the photos (and yes there are a lot of them) let me answer a few questions.

Yes,all of the cars are like that, I maybe saw 5 that were modern

No, your cellphone will not work AT ALL

Yes, they like Americans, it’s our government they don’t like (neither do I so it’s cool)

No, you’re fine, I went with my 3 girl cousins and we walked around at night by ourselves

Yes, it’s cheap AF and the food and drinks are delicious, my whole trip was maybe $1k including flights, air bnb, food, activities, taxis (and we ate at the most expensive restaurants)

No, your credit cards will not work AT ALL

Yes, the majority of the people speak Spanish and a little bit of english but really try and know some Spanish before you go, it’ll make your whole trip easier.

No, it’s not hard to enter the country, don’t let the press fool you

Yes, they love Che and do have some issues with Castro (who doesn’t)

No, you shouldn’t judge anything about the country, place or the people until you visit, and not just visit with learn some of the history, talk to the people and really try and have an open mind if you did you might just learn something ūü§Ē

Yes, I went with an open mind and did all of the above and my conclusion? Like always America is the worst ūüėā

Now for the good stuff.

Review: The Irish Whiskey Museum

In honor of my upcoming weekend I’d like to post a little ode to the Irish Whiskey Museum.¬†Hopefully I haven’t done this already, but anyways here it goes.

The Irish Whiskey Museum is located in Dublin, Ireland probably 10 steps 10 minutes¬†from the Dublin Castle. Anyone that’s been out drinking with me in the past 2-3 years knows that my drink of choice is a whiskey ginger (now I prefer bourbon but who’s keeping track) so when I first realized that going to Ireland for a visit was possible (and extremely affordable, thank you Ryanair) the top travel destination on my list was for sure this glorious museum. Now I’m also a huge fan of castles (shout out to Romania for blowing my¬†mind)¬†so when we went to the Dublin Castle and learned it would be an hour and and a half wait until we could enter the castle we logically decided to hit up the museum in the meantime. You’ll definitely have to forgive me on my lack of details on this post because I can’t remember much about the museum except for the fact that we got a flight of whiskey when we were done.

Here’s a complete list of things I do for sure remember

  1. The Whiskey was FRESH AF
  2. It was around 12 noon when we entered and we had not eaten breakfast
  3. Our tour guide was Irish (duh) didn’t catch half of what he said
  4. IMG_4761
  5. They had a room full of like all the whiskey bottles ever created, it was awesome
  6. There was a really weird section where they re-enacted the 4 whiskey powerhouses
  7. Like it was weird holograms of them and they were fighting with each other
  8. Don’t ask me who they are
  9. Actually I remember Tullamore Dew
  10. Is Johnny Walker a whiskey?IMG_4770
  11. Here are the whiskey’s (after I drank one two)
  12. I stole a glass but don’t know where I put it
  13. IMG_4788
  14. This is us after we forced ourselves behind the bar to take photos with our guide
  15. IMG_4800
  16. This is the meal we ate after we left
  17. I don’t remember any of the Dublin Castle

Thanks Ireland! I love you.

This is Dracula…

This deserves it’s own post separate from the Romania post that’s coming, only because¬†I’m obsessed with Dracula and vampires.¬†For as long as I can remember I’ve been into vampires, the undead, the myths and the legends everything. On on this day my dreams came true.

Dracula’s castle is located in the mountains of Transylvania, Romania. Lucky for me my friend wanted to rent a car for our stay in Romania (good thing too because we were seriously dead from Sunwaves)¬†so we could take our time visiting all the sites and seeing the Romanian countryside. But seriously who knew it was so beautiful.







Ok enough of the countryside. HERE IS DRACULA’S CASTLE. Some fun facts and my personal discoveries. 1) It wasn’t nearly as big or menacing as I had hoped 2) It was actually really nice inside 3) Vlad Tepes aka Vlad Dracul aka Dracula who Stoker based the novel off of never lived here, in fact he was only imprisoned here a few weeks.


Fun fact Castelul is Castle in Romanian!



Literally overwhelmed by emotions


It’s Vlad

IMG_8587 2.jpg





Inside Courtyard of the Castle

Um poco de Portgual

I was pumped to go to Portugal. Ever since I laid my eyes on Cristiano Ronaldo at the tender age of 12 I’ve been obsessed. But looks aside, I think Portuguese¬†¬†it the prettiest language and have been trying to learn for years. Unfortunately¬† the only things I can say are “where is the hotel”, “I have a multi colored sofa” and “I don’t speak Portuguese”. All of that being said I loved Portugal, the cathedrals, the people and especially the food. Thank goodness they have lots of bacalao aka codfish because I was starting to sick of all the jamon y queso here in Espana. I was surprised at the pobreza of the city, it’s a little bit rundown but I still loved it and want to definitely come back in the summer months to one of the beach towns. ¬†Anyways, this is Portgual.

Insiders tip: When going to Porto – do NOT chug the wine, despite how good it is. But DO go to Cafe Majestic and the Harry Potter Library.




Another must is a day trip to the Duoro Valley about 1.5 hours outside of Porto.



Here is Lisbon ( I prefer Porto) but when in Lisbon – go to Torre de Belem, The monastery, and this super creepy monument dedicated to all the conquistadors.





Therese Raquin – the abridged version

My co-worker has some sort of cool subscription to plays around New York City and sometimes she asks me to go with her!

Most recently we saw Therese Raquin with Kiera Knightley. This is the rundown.

We start off with Therese

a solemn little girl who doesn’t like to talk too much. I think she was walking by a river when the scene opens? but I can’t remember.

We also get introduced to her annoying “brother”/ friend/ cousin

who has some sort of a peg leg situation and her mom.

She’s not really a nun but this is how she was dressed the whole time.

Now the play was super long and I kind of spaced out at many points because the lead guy was SUPER cute, but that besides the point.

Therese’s nun mom is like ok you and your brother – friend need to get married because it’ll be good for all of us and he has some money somewhere and we’re broke AF.

and Therese is like

I don’t want to marry this young old man (name Camille). We grew up together, he has a weird peg leg and I don’t like him at all.

And her mom is like


Didn’t I just tell you we didn’t have any money.

and she’s like fine.

So they get married, she is NOT happy.

Camille decides he wants them to move to Paris so he can pursue a better career or whatever.

So they move into a new house and Therese is like I fucking hate this shit.

I’m lonely, my husband and weird and I have no friends. So Camille decides to invite some of his old army friends over, including his old BFF – Laurent.

So he walks into the house and she’s like

Oh dear.

Sweet Lord.

I’m in trouble.

SO basically they begin a torrid affair sneaking around


knocking boots in the house, in the streets and his place everywhere basically.

After some time she’s like “ok Laurent we cool and everything but I cannot keep doing this, we gotta make it official”. BUT keep in mind this is the old days so you can’t get divorced. What shall we do?


“Let’s kill Camille, we can go to the river because this little man can’t swim, we’ll push him into the river and he’ll drown!” So they go to the river and their all bopping around in the canoe and the moment of truth comes and they push him in and he drowns.

They have a funeral and it’s super sad blahblah. Some time passes and eventually Laurent is like wtf I’m tired of waiting I wanna get married and Therese is like I know but it can’t be our idea it has to be their idea. SO for now we wait.


Then FINALLY Therese’s aunt/guardian nun is like you should get re-married to LAURENT! Camille would want you to be happy.

and Laurent is like

At. Last.

And they’re trying to play it cool but inside Therese’s like

It’s my time to shine!

So they get married and everyone is so happy.

But then shit begins to hit the fan and they both begin to be haunted by Camille’s ghost.

They can’t sleep, can’t eat and can’t even bang. They are worn the f out.

So eventually they’re like, “Welp I guess we made a mistake we shouldn’t have killed him” .AND LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD THE AUNT/NUN IS LISTENING IN AND HEARS THEM TALKING.

So Laurent is like – this bitch has to go

And because Therese is an angel she’s like nope, we’ll just keep her here. For some reason at this point the nun-aunt is also mute? like she had a stroke or something I can’t remember why but she can’t talk or walk or feed herself so she’s basically a prisoner in the house. Anyways, I think she eventually dies. Or she definitely does, I can’t recall. But moving on – Laurent starts drinking heavily, because he’s like what did I get myself into, I killed my bff for this shit.

and Therese is like, “I did not kill my husband for this shit, I’m gonna just have to kill this man because he is really a hot mess.”

So the time comes when she’s like alright this is it – she lures him into the bedroom and¬† goes to poison him I think? but he’s like AHA BITCH I WAS ABOUT TO KILL YOU TOO!


So at this point they’re like ok – obviously we’re both miserable and we cannot move past this so let’s just drink this poison and die romeo and Juliet style.

The End.







The secret to life

Everything you’ve been told is a lie.

Let me explain.

I am *tear* 24 years old, finally moved out on my own and working *another tear* a real persons job. Not one day goes by when I think about my SAT scores, GPA, extracurricular activities or AP classes (I took 2). Not another day goes by where my employers have ever asked or cared about my GPA, extracurricular activities or AP classes. Do you want to know why? because it doesn’t matter. That C+ I got in Math my freshman year? whatever. That one time I cheated on my psychology exam?¬† unnecessary because in retrospect that class didn’t matter. The time I looked at my yellow crayon in 2nd grade because I couldn’t remember how to spell yellow! (I’m a bad speller) it was not important and¬† it didn’t matter

None of it did. What matters was the nights I spent not studying and hanging out with my friends, the one time we snuck out on our roof and drank all night, or the time we stayed out till the sun rose dancing at a bar, the times I would spend my last quarters buying a chicken roll because I just couldn’t live without (see I still remember?) These are the things that are important, these are the things you remember long after graduation, these are the stories you tell your co-workers when you’re eating lunch, and these are the types of experiences that make you a functional and whole human being, the things that your employers can see and let them know you’ll be a good fit in their company.

This is the secret to life…part 1.