7 things I would only wish upon my worst enemy

  1. The suffocating feeling of going to sleep without the heat being on versus it being on when you wake up – it’s as if an elephant is sitting on your face.
  2. Feeling the sun on your eyeball when one piece of your curtain doesn’t cover your window.
  3. The feeling of your sock slipping off of your foot when you start walking.
  4. The unreachable itch in the middle of your back that no matter how hard you try you just cannot get it.
  5. When a song you don’t like comes on your shuffle but the subway is too crowded to reach for your phone and change it.
  6. Getting into bed only to realize you really need to pee.
  7. Waking up before your alarm and thinking you have an extra 3 hours to sleep in, when really you have to be up in 2 minutes.