• mani- pedi every 2 weeks with a signature color
  • iPhone 6 with cover from free people
  • 1 uber expensive designer bag
  • 1 uber expensive pair of sunglasses 
  • 1 uber app
  • Job in pr/marketing/media 
  • A credit card
  • 2 or 3 bedroom apt anywhere between 80th and Houston 
  • A colorist who they visit every 3 months 
  • Some connection to the Hamptons [either through a friend or a friend of a friend]
  • 0 desire to go to the Bronx
  • 1 monthly metro card 
  • A Canada Goose jacket
  • Ll bean snow boots 
  • Expensive rain boots
  • A piece of furniture purchased for them by their parents 
  • One expensive piece of furniture they’ve purchased themselves 
  • No groceries in thier refrigerator 
  • A seamless account 
  • A seamless addiction 
  • 1 token piercing and/or from a shop in the village
  • No time for fuckboys  

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