Why you don’t text while blacked out

The reason this post isn’t a review of blacking out is because I myself have never personally blacked out. While I’ve forgotten a few details of nights, maybe a conversation here or there or hallucinated a bit I’ve never completely lost a night.

My roommate however is a different story.

This Thursday we decided to go out and celebrate the 4th of July – or not having to go to work Friday. Our night started out pretty good with some reasonable pregaming.

FullSizeRender  <– That’s not a good sign and not at all reasonable

When you pregame like there’s only one way your night is going to end, and that is by sending texts like this.


This snapshot is giving me ‘Hey I’m really blacked out and am trying my best to hold a conversation but I’m struggling to find the right words any words to say’

Hey does not answer ‘Are you in town’, ‘What’s up’ or ‘Where are you?’, and while it is a nice opening line, it also is not a response to ‘Happy 4th’. It is clearly a sign that someone (my roommate) needs a glass of water, a pillow, or a friend to help her write her text messages.

This my friends is what happens when you black out.