Review: My attitude p2

Jk. So last night I was laying in bed unable to sleep, wondering why I wasn’t feeling any better and realized that someone people might mistake me for having a bad attitude. But then I realized that wasn’t the case. Yesterday in acting class someone gave me the biggest compliment I could ever ask for. Our teacher was talking about substitution and how if there was a word in the script that we didn’t relate to or that we would never say that we could substitute it for something else. In my scene I had to be angry so I told the guy, I guess you can call me basic? and that will make me mad. This guy who I’m friends with came up to me afterwards and said “I’m surprised someone calling you that would make you mad, you seem like you kinda do whatever you want and don’t care what people think or say about you”

This my friends, might just be my future husband.