Review: Downtown Abbey

If you haven’t seen Downtown Abbey, then you really haven’t been living. I am not ashamed to say I finished an entire season of the hour-long drama in one weekend, and have been in mourning ever since I finished the third season. The thing that really draws me in is their lifestyle. Like why does Sybill complain that her life consist of going to balls, parties and dinners? And why was Mary so hesitant to marry Matthew? The heir of Downtown, yes they’re cousins but that’s just a small detail, that can easily be overlooked. You have a personal ladies maid, whose job description includes doing your hair, everyday? Yes please. A set of kitchen maids who prepare your breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea? Of course. Balls and charity events to which you get to wear the finest fashions of the 20’s? Why not; and best of all drinks in the library ever day after dinner, and not a judgmental eye in sight.