Review: Weather

“The weather outside is frightful”. Frank Sinatra was obviously thinking about DC when he wrote this line. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I can say with confidence that it’s not pleasant. It tends to snow in April and temperatures sometimes top 70 degrees in February, and let’s not even get into the summer. I can only compare summers in DC to to getting a bad perm. [Quick note: this is the process of chemically straightening hair]

When you get a bad perm the chemicals usually sit on your head for too long and it begins to burn. Not like “oh, I got to close to the fire” burn, or “oh, some hot oil splashed on me” burn. It’s more of a “I just ingested fire and my brain is literally melting” burn. The intensity of the heat is unbearable, uncomfortable, and unsettling, and there is literally no escaping it. The worst part of all? Both the perm and the weather leave your hair looking an absolute hot mess.