I miss the Bronx

I never though I’d actually say this but I miss the Bronx.

I miss the piles of random wood and trash flying around the streets. I miss the toothless men saying ‘God bless you’. I miss the smell of rotting flesh and most of all I miss the 4 a.m. pizza runs and the 1p.m. grocery runs that would usually end in disappointment since the businesses in the Bronx tend to make their own hours.

I miss the rainy season, which lasted from November till April. I miss the way the sun would hide behind massive clouds that seemed to go on for days. I miss walking up four flights of stairs to get to my tiny apartment. I miss eating 39-cent ramen for weeks on end because I was too poor to buy anything else.

I miss the windstorms that lasted for days, the 80-degree February days and the 50-degree days in May. I miss walking down the street and dodging crack heads, actually crack heads. I miss going to Tuff city to get my ear pierced and I miss my ear piercer asking if he can come smoke with us. I miss the 3 a.m. block parties on Wednesday nights and the car alarms that seemed to go off for days

I miss the D. The long dirty D. I miss the homeless people that would fall asleep on the seats, taking up whole rows sometimes. I miss the mariachi bands that would play from that stretch from 125th to 59th street. I miss the children who would try to sell you candy on the metro and the men on the street advertising their business, usually boost mobile, no credit? No problem.

I miss seeing 9 year old children running around the streets at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night, why are they awake? where are their parents? It’s not important. I miss going to a bodega that has food on its shelves from 1997. I miss almost stepping in dog [or human who knows?] feces on a regular basis, because Bronx residents don’t care about the law.

But most of all I miss getting security alerts about gunshots being fired down the street from my apartment, hearing those gunshots, and running. Literally running for my life back to the safety of my teeny tiny fourth floor walk up apartment.

I surely do miss the Bronx.